Thursday, February 10, 2011



                                        Harry Potter (as a unicorn!)                                         



we are the moustashioed ones!

nachos! salsa! senoir y senoirita!


Random Unicorn Goes to the dentist

(this was yesterdays post but the computer froze)

Poor Random Unicorn
he had a toothache, which is ironic considering
it is National Toothache day!

I went and took Random Unicorn to
the dentist and he got scared
poor Random Unicorn....

he got a check up for his toothache

he felt better after he got a lolipop

his toothache happened to be caused by too many marshmallows,
so I don't think he really needs that lolipop,
but whatever!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go fly a kite!


see, it's almost 9:00

it's cold out

and I don't have a kite

so I could not take a picture today,
therefore, i created a picture in about 10 min.


ah yea

I've probobly only gone kite flying about 5 times in my whole life,
which isn't alot, I wonder if I'm missing out on anything.

I don't think so

it seems slightly like it's ment for people with nothing better to do.....

pfff......slightly! HA!

Monday, February 7, 2011

what will become of Random Unicorn?

So today I came home from school, only to find Random Unicorn wearing UGGS!!!

of all things, uggs.
the one thing I don't get the point of,
 they are ugly, expensive, thin, freeze your feet off boots.

what is the point of them? I don't know! 
they are ugly, infact, ugg i belive is short
for ugly, or UGGly



so, I was thinking,
what would become of Random Unicorn
in 2 years, or 5, or even 10!

maybe he'll ne a nerd:

with a comb over....ya

or a nerdy teacher with a combover:

and a moustashe! Boo-ya!

or maybe a business man:


or just a unicorn with a tie, 'cause ties are epic:

Ya, i think we'll go with that!

Ya know, Random Unicorn
takes a while to write,
so maybe his name should be
shortened to:

what do you think?

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Random Unicorn

    I had just moved into my new home and a little unicorn showed up at my front door, alone in the harsh winter cold. I brought him inside and we became friends instantly, I called him Random Unicorn. He is 2' 7" and loves everyone. his favorite food is marshmallows, and he hates grapes. People who are mean make him sad, people who are too nice freak him out, he is random and I love him!

Random Unicorn is helping me unpack because I find it very boring, honestly I almost prefere packing vs unpacking! Random Unicorn finds it amusing, so I'm just gonna let him have fun with that, and walk away, cause it's kinda creepy. Unicorns are weird! But epic, very epic. Epic, just like this:

                        C'mon, you know you're jealous. I WANT IT! 
        are you catching the space invaders tatoo? eh eh eh? *nudge nudge*

                                                 this pretty epic too

and this:

                                               I'm in love with these!

                   is that not the most awesome couch in the world!?
                        don't answer that, just let my have my moment